How to Help

Synfig is an open-source software, and “open-source” is all about community contributions! So even a regular (non-developer) user can help a lot! How? Read below.

1. Help other users

There are many people who are asking for help at our forums. If you already know how to solve particular problem - don’t hesitate to lend a hand to them!

2. Report issues

Found an issue? Report it to our issue tracker! Also, we recommend to read this guide on how to report bugs effectively.

3. Help to test development releases

Give a try to development releases and help to identify issues and weak places. The more people will test development release - the better stable one becomes!

4. Help to test open Pull Requests

You can help developers by giving your feedback about new improvements, which are proposed to be added into code (Pull Requests or PRs). This will help developers decide which features are ready to be included and allow to spot what should be improved. Check the list of open Pull Requests on this page and read How to test changes in Pull Requests for details.

5. Help to translate user interface

Translation of Synfig’s user interface takes place online at Transifex platform. You can help improve translation to your language.