This parameter controls the layer visibility (it is more like an alpha value).

Example :

  • 0 means the layer is invisible,
  • 1 means the layer is visible.

How to show or hide a layer, or fade the effect of a blur?

In the Parameters Panel, look for an option labeled Opacity - this controls how much of the blended result of the layer is composited with the blend of the layers beneath it.

In other words, for a typical layer, this will ‘fade it out’. For a Blur Layer set to “Straight”, this will fade between the blurred version and the unblurred version of the canvas. If you want it to become less blurry, adjust the Blur Layer’s ‘size’ parameter.

If you want to affect multiple layers at the same time, you have several options:

  • You can Group your layers and use the group’s Opacity Parameter,
  • Export one of the layers Opacity Parameter and link others layer’s Opacity Parameter,
  • Linking all layer’s Opacity Parameter. Select the layers you want to affect in the Layers Panel, right click to Opacity Parameter in the Parameters Panel and choose Link.