Synfig 1.3.14 Release Notes


  • Show interpolation type directly in waypoint’s context menu (see details).


  • Fixed crash when removing a Spline vertex using “Remove item (Smart)” (issue #1102).

  • Fixed incorrect placement of width points on outline when loading old files (see details here and here).

  • Fixed crash when Shade Layer has no sublayers (issue #1272).

  • Fixed popup menu disappearing right after button release for Widget Gradient/Spline (issue #1274).

  • Fixed hang when opening a second .sif file from Explorer on Windows (issue #291).

  • Fixed behavior “Local Time” parameter of Time Loop layer (issue #479).

  • Fixed wrong percentage displayed when exporting a subset of frames (issue #1304).

  • Fixed crash when undoing deletion of Group Layer (issue #1070).

  • Fixed TimeTrack not updating when new waypoints added to bone (issue #1342).

  • Fixed importing of 16-bit PNG files (issues #1160 and #1371).

  • Fixed some memory leaks (PR #1292, #1293, #1319).