Synfig 1.5.1 Release Notes

This version features major improvements for Text Layer, fixes for Skeleton Tool, better onion-skin,as well as other important fixes and usability improvements. Please check the full list below.

Rewritten Text Layer


  • Text Layer fully rewritten and optimized, which results in much faster rendering (#2362).

  • Text Layer now have proper support for RTL languages (i.e. Arabic) (#2232). Please notice that if you use a string which mixes RTL and LTR text, then you might need to set a “Direction” parameter in Text Layer to indicate the proper order.


  • Text Layers now visible when workarea displays its content in Draft mode (#631).

  • Fixed issue with “jumping” letters in animated text (#389).

  • Fixed issue with quality regression under Text Layer (#831).

  • Fixed glitched rendering output when Text Layer is combined with Perspective Layer (#1566).

  • Allow to select font from drop-down menu in Tool Options (#2355).



  • New option for Onion Skin allows to choose between Keyframes and Frames (#2166).

  • The “Keep aspect ratio for width and height” option is now enabled by default in Render Settings (#2351).

  • When the user imports the file the imported layer becomes selected (#2308).

  • Now it is possible to create a new vertex on a Spline with double-click (#2312).

Fixes for Skeleton Tool

  • Fix active bone selection for Skeleton Deformation Layer (#2340, #2365).

  • Fix crash when moving origin point of child bone in Skeleton Deformation Layer using Bone Tool (#2049).

  • Fix crash when undoing Child Bone until first one (#2341).

  • Fix loading of default bone width preference value (#2343).


  • TimeTrack Panel: Fix missing context menu for waypoints at Canvas Parameter (#2357).

  • TimeTrack Panel: Update time track area when keyframe is moved (#2289).

  • Sound Panel: Fix loading of some audio files (#2301).

  • Fixed incorrect framerate when importing image sequence (#2219).

  • Fixed Link To Spline action (#2344).

  • Fix workarea context menu action not affecting all layers (#2352).

  • Fix crash when list of vertices is converted into Switch (#2354).

  • Fix dialog responses for user pressing Esc key (#2309) (#2329).

  • Don’t let inner layer be duplicated twice when copying (#2317).

  • Fix image size when importing onto canvas with non-standard size (#2252).

  • Fix magick++ target missing in AppImage (issue #2320).

Other changes

  • Circle Tool: Removed deprecated falloff option (#2366).

  • Rectangle Layer: Bevel parameter now defined by relative value, not distance (#2350).

  • Skeleton Deformation Layer: Better tooltip/description for “Bones” Parameter (#2332).

  • Advanced Outline Layer: Improve hints for Dash Item Parameters (#2314).

  • Added support for building with MLT++-7 (Autotools) (#2306).