Synfig 1.3.15 Release Notes

Critical fixes

  • Fixed issue when copying skeletons from one file to another. Previously this was resulting in corrupted file, but now it isn’t.

Advanced Outline fixes

  • Fixed glitches when moving Widthpoints on unlooped Advanced Outline (issue #1401).

  • Fix Incorrect position of Widthpoints on Homogenous Advanced Outline (issue #1431).

  • Fixed Widthpoints that were wrongly computed on non-homogenous Advanced Outline (issue #1523).

  • Fixed “Link to Spline”: now places vertex into correct position when Spline is looped (issue #1467).

  • Fixed rendering of Advanced Outline width point tips (issue #1480).

  • DashItem Offset and Length parameters now use consistent units when editing them (issue #1265).

Windows version fixes

  • Fixed issues opening and exporting of files with multibyte (i.e. Arabic) symbols in filename.

  • Fixed random crashes when editing splines (issue #1442).

UI/UX improvements

  • Removed unused Change Preview Quality menu item.

  • Activate widget_filename right after user chooses file via button/file dialog (issue #1425).

  • Homogenous parameter of Advanced Outline is enabled and static by default.

  • Set Animation Speed parameter of Noise Distort Layer as static by default.

Other bugfixes

  • Fixed crash when exporting with “pngspritesheet” target (issue #356).

  • Fixed crash when removing spline vertex too fast.

  • Fixed crashes related with exceptions thrown in GTK event callback handlers.

  • Fixed crash when undoing creation of a moved/changed vertex of spline.

  • Fixed crash when unexporting value node (issue #231).

  • Fixed time and delta values in tooltip while dragging in Graph panel (issue #1405).

  • Fixed renaming layer set affecting other names (issue #1146).

  • Fixed initial value for filename entry in Render Settings dialog.