Synfig 1.4.1 Release Notes

Synfig Studio 1.4.1 delivers some improvements and critical bugfixes. Please read below for details.


  • Synfig now can export videos with sound (#1623, #1830). In previous versions Synfig was ignoring all Sound Layers in animation file when doing export to video format. Now all sounds are mixed and added into video file.


Windows-specific fixes

  • Fixed Synfig window not showing after closing it in minimized state (#1973).

  • Fixed issue of rendering to file when using non-Latin filenames (#2011, #1940).

  • Fixed incorrect import of lst files when path contains non-Latin characters (#1924).

  • Fixed non-working command “Edit image editing in external tool…” (#1912).

  • Fixed problem with non-working plugins when loading them from path containing non-Latin characters (#1882).

  • Fixed saving/loading palette to file with non-Latin name (#1889).

MacOS-specific fixes

  • Fixed issue with Synfig not starting if was renamed (#1834).


  • Fix Duplicate Layer ignoring all layers but the first one (#1829).

  • Fixed crash when frame fails to render (#1861).

  • Fix loading of Average Converter type (#1955).

  • Fixed interpolation for parameters of Boolean type (#1826).

  • Fixed crash when user attempts to drag-and-drop layer while renaming (issue #540).

  • Do not show “Link to Spline” menu item when a vertex of spline itself is selected (#1988).

  • Fixed crash when right-clicking on group in the Sets panel (#1920).

  • Fixed crash in Spline Tangent converter (#1836).

  • Fixed crash in Spline Vertex converter (#1802).

  • Fixed crash on unsuccessful action with a clean undo history (#1643).

  • Fixed issue with duplicating Duplicate Layer (#1971).

  • Avoid possible random crashes related with non-unique node identifiers (#2029).

UI/UX improvements

  • Allow to use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V/Ctrl+A shortcuts in Color and Gradient Dialogs (#1821).

  • Fix layer duplication action for cases when group selected together with its children items (#2050).

  • Waypoint Editor dialog now shows TCB options only if current point has TCB type (#1182).

  • Change order of Waypoint Editor buttons to match other dialogs (#1880).

  • Waypoint Editor now properly handles parameters of Enumerated type (issue #1965).

  • Fix issue with closing some configuration dialogs: changes were applied anyway, as if “OK” button was pressed (#1573).

  • The “View” -> “Toolbar” menu item now active and usable (#1386).