Synfig 1.4.3 Release Notes

Synfig Studio 1.4.3 introduces major performance optimizations for Windows users and important bugfixes for all platforms. Please read the details below.

Optimizations for Windows version

  • We have removed many bottlenecks in Synfig’s code, related with redundant calls of “getenv” function. This resulted in great performance improvement of Windows version (#2826). This fix also gives slight speed boost for MacOS, while Linux users will not see any significant difference.

  • Windows version now shipped with embedded Python version 3.8.10, which results in smaller size of distributive and faster installation (#67).

Critical fixes

Link to spline demo
  • Connecting bone parameter to exported value does not results in corrupted file anymore (#2433).

  • Fixed issue with autosave not working when interval is set to 15 seconds (#2647).

  • Fixed “Link To Spline” action not shown in menu when trying to connect vertex to spline (#2344).

  • Fixed Appimage compatibility with recent Linux distributions (#33).

  • Fixed issue with Text Tool not working on MacOS because of missing “fonts.conf” file (#2380).


Wrong bone link warning. Artwork by David Revoy (CC-BY).
  • Avoid mistakes when linking group to bone: the dialog asks if user wants to link transformation instead of origin (#2468).

  • The “Link width and height” option is enabled by default in Render Settings (#2351).


Render dialog
  • Fixed issue with wrong image aspect when rendering to non-standard dimensions (#2463).

  • Fixed exporting issue which was resulting in exported video trimmed to audio length (#2477).

  • Fixed “magick++” render module not available in in Linux AppImage (#2320).

  • Fixed crash when rendering to gif target (#2389).

  • Fixed compatibility with FFmpeg 3.x (#2628).


  • Fixed importing Papagayo (.pgo) file not showing the expected layers (#2495).

  • Fixed issue with file coruption after importing an SVG file (#2482).

  • Fixed incorrect framerate when importing image sequence (#2224).

  • Fixed crash when trying to import a file into itself (#2239).

  • Fixed wrong size of image which is imported to canvas with non-standard size (#2252).

Other fixes

  • Apply action to all selected layers from choosing entry from context menu (#2352).

  • Fixed Clamp Layer not rendering (#2550).

  • Fixed crash when deleting last waypoint from exported parameter (#2587).

  • Don’t allow to connect to exported value node if it has wrong type (#2694).

  • Fixed crash when using Width Tool on Skeleton Layer (#2500).

  • Fix Keyframes Panel doesn’t capture space input in entry text field (#1820).

  • Parameters and Timeline panels show the same row selected (#2422).