Synfig 1.4.4 Release Notes

Synfig Studio version 1.4.4 delivers some important bugfixes for all platforms. Please read the details below.

Critical fixes

  • Fixed missing last frame when exporting video (#2912).

  • Fixed crash when using Draw Tool in Fedora/Flatpak version (#2445).

  • Fixed issue with opening file via CLI when its path contain non-Latin characters (Windows) (#2819).

  • Fixed issue when right-clicking a layer shows empty menu on just opened file (#2781).

  • Fixed loading of palette (#2722).

  • Fixed application freeze when importing palette (#2730).

  • Fixed messed up translations for Russian language.

Fixes for build system (Autotools)

  • Allow to compile release build with debug info (#2838).

  • Add support for MLT++-7 (#2306).