Brush Tool


This feature is still in development.

Tool_brush_icon.png ALT-?


The Brush Tool allows you to draw freehand over the top of a Image Layer using the MyPaint brushes. Combined with Switch Group Layer you can create frame by frame animations.

  • It is possible to paint on the Image Layer

  • Basic pressure sensitivity is supported.

  • Image size is automatically expanded when you paint outside of image boundaries.

  • An Image Layer is automatically created if the current layer isn’t an Image Layer.


  • Eraser check box. When checked, the brush acts as a rubber.

  • Display the set of configured brushes (MyPaint brushes format). By default, Synfig is installed with a selected set of brushes from “Concept Design (C_D)” pack by Ramon Miranda. From the Preferences Dialog System, you can configure the Brush Presets Path to use other brushes package (for example the ones listed by MyPaint)

The Brush Tool uses the color of the New Layer Defaults: Brush Color and the New Layer Defaults: Brush Size set in the Toolbox to paint.

Other sources of information

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