Star Tool


The Star Tool allows the easy creation of Star Layer.

Select the Star Tool icon from the Toolbox, then click in the Canvas where the center of the star should be created and drag to specify the outer radius.



The Tool Options Panel allows you to specify:

  • Name : The name used for the new layer; any number in this field will automatically increment with each layer created

  • Layer Type : Whether create Star Layer and/or Outline Layer, Region Layer, Plant Layer and Curve Gradient Layer layers (Splines)

  • Blend Method Parameter: How to combine the new layer with the background.

  • Opacity : Sets the Opcaity for new layers. Defaults to 1.00 (Completely opaque)

  • Brush Size : Sets the Outline Layer: Outline Width or the size of the gradient (only for Outline Layer, Advanced Outline Layer and Curve Gradient Layer)

  • Star Points : The number of peaks of the star.

  • Offset : The rotation offset of the created star.

  • Radius Ratio : The ratio between the peaks and the troughs of the star

  • Regular Polygon : Whether create a regular polygon instead of a star.

  • For Splines only, the tangent lengths for outer and inner vertices. Outer is limited to [-3,10] and inner is limited to [-3,3]. (If you find useful open those limitations please write it in the talk page)

    • Inner Width

    • Inner Tangent

    • Outer Width

    • Outer Tangent

  • Invert : Whether invert the create(d) layer(s)

  • Feather Parameter : Width of the area to be dissolved at the edge (not for Plant Layer and Curve Gradient Layer)

  • Link Origins : Whether Link the Origin Parameter of Splines

  • Spline Origins at Center : Set the Origin Parameter of the layer at the center of the star, else the center is set at the Canvas center