Plant Layer


About Plant Layers

A short description of the layer can be found here: Layer#Plant

Parameters of Plant Layers

The parameters of the Plant layers are:

Name Value Type
Type_real_icon.png Z Depth 0.000000 real
Type_real_icon.png Amount 1.000000 real
Type_integer_icon.png Blend Method Composite integer
Type_vector_icon.png Origin 0.000000u,0.000000u vector
Type_list_icon.png Vertices List list (Spline)
Type_vector_icon.png Origin 0.000000u,0.000000u vector
Type_gradient_icon.png Gradient p_gradient.png gradient
Type_angle_icon.png Split Angle 10.00 angle
Type_vector_icon.png Gravity 0.000000u,-0.100000u vector
Type_real_icon.png Tangential Velocity 0.300000 real
Type_real_icon.png Perpendicular Velocity 0.000000 real
Type_real_icon.png Stem Size 0.015000u real
Type_bool_icon.png Size As Alpha p_checkbox_off.png bool
Type_bool_icon.png Reverse p_checkbox_off.png bool
Type_real_icon.png Step 0.010000 real
Type_integer_icon.png Seed 1299911698 integer
Type_integer_icon.png Splits 5 integer
Type_integer_icon.png Sprouts 10 integer
Type_real_icon.png Random Factor 0.200000 real
Type_real_icon.png Drag 0.100000 real
Type_bool_icon.png Use Width p_checkbox_off.png bool