Bevel Layer


About Bevel Layer

Bevel layer is used to create a highlight and shadow over a shape. It pretends to give some volume to the shape by adding a dark area on the opposite place of the light direction and a light area on the light direction side.

Parameters of Bevel Layer

The parameters of the Bevel Layers are:

Name Value Type
Real_icon.png Z Depth 0.000000 real
Real_icon.png Amount 1.000000 real
Integer_icon.png Blend Method Composite integer
Integer_icon.png Type Fast Gaussian Blur integer
Color_icon.png Hi-Color   color
Color_icon.png Lo-Color   color
Angle_icon.png Light Angle 135.00° angle
Real_icon.png Depth of Bevel 12.000000pt real
Real_icon.png Softness 6.000000pt real
Bool_icon.png Use Luma   bool
Bool_icon.png Solid   bool

Specific Parameters for Bevel Layers

Only particular parameters of the Bevel Layer are described here. The other parameters are common for other layers and are explained separately.

The Bevel Layer produces two effects over the context of the layer that are based on the Alpha channel of each pixel of the context. Imagine that the Bevel Layer traces light rays from the light source. When the ray line finds a transition from transparent to solid it creates a light region (Hi-color). When the ray finds a transition from solid to transparent it creates a shadow region (Lo-color). The Light Angle parameter determines the source of the light. The Depth of Bevel determines how wide is the region of light or shadow created and the Softness parameter produces a feathered light or shadow region instead of a sharp one. The feather type is determined by the Type parameter and can be one of the known Blur Types.


Light Angle

Modifying the light angle changes the regions that are high lighted and darkened. It is an angle parameter and it is defined from the X positive axis counter clock wise.

Depth of Bevel

The Depth of Bevel parameter determines the width or expansion of the bevel on both sides (dark and light side). The bigger the parameter is the softer the produced bevel is.


Softness parameter controls how feathered is the bevel. Its type of feather is controlled by the Type parameter.

Use Luma

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Please write me.


Here you can find some visual examples of hos does the parameters affect to the bevel. Unless specified, all parameters are the default ones:

The Blend Method has been set to Onto in the following image



Here you can see a sample usage of Solid and Use Luma parameters:



One usage of Solid parameter combined with Hard Light Blend Method in the resulting bevel over the gradient.