Mandelbrot Set Layer


About Mandelbrot Set Layer

The Mandelbrot set is a compact set, since it is closed and contained in the closed disk of radius 2 around the origin.



Parameters of the Mandelbrot Set Layers

Parameters of the Mandelbrot Set Layers are:

Name Value Type
Integer_icon.png Iterations 256 integer
Real_icon.png Bailout ValueBase 2.000000 real
Bool_icon.png Break Set p_checkbox_off.png bool
Bool_icon.png Distort Inside p_checkbox_off.png bool
Bool_icon.png Shade Inside p_checkbox_on.png bool
Bool_icon.png Solid Inside p_checkbox_off.png bool
Bool_icon.png Invert Inside p_checkbox_on.png bool
Type_gradient_icon.png Gradient Inside p_gradient.png gradient
Real_icon.png Offset Inside 0.000000 real
Bool_icon.png Loop Inside p_checkbox_on.png bool
Bool_icon.png Distort Outside p_checkbox_off.png bool
Bool_icon.png Shade Outside p_checkbox_on.png bool
Bool_icon.png Solid Outside p_checkbox_off.png bool
Bool_icon.png Invert Outside p_checkbox_on.png bool
Type_gradient_icon.png Gradient Outside p_gradient.png gradient
Bool_icon.png Smooth Outside p_checkbox_off.png bool
Real_icon.png Offset Outside 0.000000 real
Real_icon.png Scale Outside 0.000000 real