Twirl Layer


About Twirl Layers

Twirl is the layer which deforms lower layers so that it seem as the vortex. The intensity of the vortex is set over the rotation angle - higher, the more intense.

Size of vortex is determinated by the radius of a circle, and distortion can be activate separately for both the sides – inner and outer.



Distort Inside Parameter On


Distort Outside Parameter On


Both Distort Parameters On

Parameters of Twirl Layers

The parameters of the twirl layers are:

Name Value Type
Type_vector_icon.png Center 0.00000u,0.000000u vector
Type_real_icon.png Radius 1.00000u real
Type_angle_icon.png Rotations 0.00 angle
Type_bool_icon.png Distort Inside   bool
Type_bool_icon.png Distort Outside   bool