Noise Gradient Layer


About Noise Gradient Layer

Noise Gradient Layer is a type of gradient generated by procedural texture. This method consists of a creation of a lattice of random interpolated gradient.

You can adjust various parameters to create different textures. You can easily founds some clouds…

Parameters of Noise Gradient Layer

The parameters of the Noise Gradient Layer are:

Name Value Type
Type_real_icon.png Z Depth Parameter 0.000000 real
Type_real_icon.png Amount 1.000000 real
Type_integer_icon.png Blend Method Composite integer
Type_gradient_icon.png Gradient p_gradient.png gradient
Type_integer_icon.png RandomNoise Seed 1299736373 integer
Type_vector_icon.png Size 60.000000u,60.000000u integer
Type_integer_icon.png Interpolation Cosine integer
Type_integer_icon.png Detail 4 integer
Type_real_icon.png Animation Speed 0.000000 real
Type_bool_icon.png Turbulent   bool
Type_bool_icon.png Do Alpha   bool
Type_bool_icon.png Super Sampling   bool
  • Size How much separated are two consecutive distortions