Draw Tool

draw_dat/Tool_draw_icon.png ALT-B

The Draw Tool is the one that most artists will be familiar with. This is best used with a drawing tablet, although it can be used with a mouse.

The Draw Tool can generate a Region Layer, an Outline Layer and an Advanced Outline Layer with pressure output from the tablet mapped to the line’s width.



The Tool Options Panel allows you to specify:

  • Name : Used for the new layer; any number in this field will automatically increment with each layer created

  • Layer Type : Whether create Outline Layer and/or Advanced Outline Layer, Region Layer layers (Splines)

  • Blend Method : The blending method used to composite on the layers below

  • Opacity : Sets the Opacity for new layers. Defaults to 1.00 (Completely opaque)

  • Brush Size : Sets the Outline Layer: Outline Width or the size of the gradient (only for Outline Layer, Advanced Outline Layer and Curve Gradient Layer)

  • Pressure Sensitive

    • Min Pressure : The value of this option clamps the lower end of the Pressure sensitivity to a specific value, essentially determining how thin the thinnest possible segment is relative to the New Layer Defaults: Brush Size parameter in the Toolbox.

  • Smoothness : Determines how much tablet jitter is removed, and as a result, how many vertices the resulting splines are composed of. Could by Local or Global

    • Local : Adjust the Spline between the Splines points.

    • Global : Adjust the Spline globally.

  • Width Max Error : for advanced outline layer.

  • Round End : The ends of the spline will be rounded, only for Outline Layer, Advanced Outline Layer layers.

  • Auto Loop : When the stroke of the Draw Tool ends near the beginning of the stroke, automatically connect the last Handle to the first.

  • Auto Extend : When the stroke begins and/or end at or near an endpoint Handle of another Outline Layer, the resulting Outline Layer is simply appended to the existing Outline Layer

  • Auto Link : When the stroke begins and/or ends at or near a vertex Handle in another Outline Layer, and the outline isn’t being extended by the Auto Extend option above, the first and/or last vertex of the resulting Outline Layer is Linking to the Handle on the existing Outline Layer.

  • Feather : Set the Feather Parameter on the layer

  • Auto Export : Automatically Export the Spline list points into the Values Base Nodes of the Library Panel


Fill Last Stroke : Tool_fill_icon.png Hit this button after having created a shape with the Draw Tool to create a Region Layer, filled with the New Layer Defaults: Brush Colors Fill Color, of the last trace you have drawn.