Sketch Tool

Tool_sketch_icon.png ALT-K

The Sketch Tool allows you to draw freehand over the top of a Canvas.

Each workarea has a single sketch overlay associated with it.

Sketches are not saved as part of the .sifz file when you save your work, but can be saved separately as .sketch files for later reloading.



The Sketch Tool has the following in its Tool Options Panel :

  • Show Sketch: a checkbox for toggling the visibility of the sketch overlay On and Off.

  • Undo Last Stroke: cancels the most recent edit to the sketch overlay. Can be repeatedly clicked to cancel more edits.

  • Clear Sketch: clears the current workarea’s sketch overlay.

  • Save Sketch As…: writes the sketch overlay from the current workarea to a .sketch file.

  • Open a Sketch: loads a previously saved .sketch file, overwriting any previously drawn or opened sketch in the current workarea.

Sketch uses the color of the default foreground color in the Toolbox.